Banana Fruit Red (Sevvalai) 900g to 1.1Kg

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Banana Fruit Red (Sevvalai)

Red Sevvalai banana is the most consumed fruit in the world. The sweetness of raspberry has included with this kind of banana. So, it tastes good and a regular banana sweet flavor has combined with this fruit. This fruit has numerous health benefits. The sweet berry flavor of this fruit is attractive to everyone. Banana fruit contains high fiber-rich content and vitamin C.


Banana is used to reduce the sugar slowly from the human body.

This fruit has high potassium and beta-carotene.

Also, it contains vitamin B6 and vitamin D.

It helps to reduce human body weight.

It improves the metabolism of the red blood cells.

Fruit may contain a lot of fiber, which supports weight loss goals.

High-rich proteins have filled in this fruit.

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