Foxtail Millet/ Thinai

Foxtail Millet/ Thinai


Thinai also called as Foxtail millet is gluten free and very easy to digest. Its high anti-oxidant activity removes acidic element away from the body. Thinai are tiny yellow seeds that look like mustard. It can be cooked easily and it gets digested quickly hence people consume it as an alternative to rice. It is stable diet food for people in South India from ancient times

It is highly nutritious for children and adults and also acts a great energy source. It is rich in fiber content and minerals like protein, iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc. Enriched with vitamin B6, it helps in the regulation of the healthy nervous system.

It helps to control blood sugar levels and is known for its low glycemic index. Its high protein content, when combined with legumes, makes it a perfect substantial addition to a vegetarian diet. Foxtail millet is one of the oldest of all the cultivated millet. Foxtail millet releases glucose steadily without affecting the metabolism of the body. It controls blood sugar and cholesterol levels and increase HDL cholesterol.

Anil provides Thinai Dosa mix and Thinai Vermicelli so we can prepare healthy thinai Dosa at semaiya home and enjoy deliciously.

Health Benefits of Foxtail Millet:

Stronger Bones

Strengthens Nervous System

Boosts Cardiac Health

Manages Diabetes

Lowers Bad Cholesterol

Promotes Digestion

Builds Immunity

Nutrient content for 1 cup of cooked Thinai:

Calories: 207

Carbs: 41 grams

Fiber: 2.2 grams

Protein: 6 grams

Fat: 1.7 grams

Phosphorus: 25% of the Daily Value (DV)

Magnesium: 19% of the DV

Folate: 8% of the DV

Iron: 6% of the DV

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